How can you easily access the Distributed Database?

Distributed databases when we implement databases there can be different architectures out of that the first one normally we focus on standalone databases and you can have the two fire transfer architecture as well as uh three diagrams of architecture we discussed last week anyhow if you get the database itself can be distributed instead of cases several missions and separate locations likewise you can distribute actually there are many reasons why we want to distribute uh depending on the requirement because without any requirement we should not introduce all the luxury things because it costs a small exercise so you can uh just recall your memory and the experience and try to come up with some answers for these questions and it will give you a proper entry point to today’s discussion and why we should go for distributed databases even though there will be many cost factors associated you quickly take this into your not this and try to answer.

Then we can example of distributed systems I’m not asking basically the databases that is what we are going to learn today but many telecommunication networks how can you explain that how what are the things distributed you should be in this distribute you have it explained regarding the arrangement of your example land base to internet list what are the things you are usually like distributed this will make you decentralized like everything is not in one premises or one location or one computer you can display in many ways so how your example is actually depicting that the distribution right now so if you say that your income location is a distributed system so what are the components and how it is distributed without knowing that actually we can accept it as an example that but what you said can be taken as a distributed nature give some reasons you know that you can talk about that by the nature of this GC glutathione you cannot have uh the centralized system.

If you take specialty the telecommunication powers and the receivers switchers Btu BTS unit and there are many more you have decentralized in many locations so if it is a centralized thing everybody has to go to that particular location and make the calls otherwise it’s not possible by the nature it has to be a distributed system but in databases, since it is hosted by the internet you can have centralized versions as well what are the examples yeah that just comes out okay right so in your case is doing two branches you can operate the band branches in that manner for you actually it is the situation a few decades ago you have to always go to that particular branch and do all your transaction there was no ATM okay then you have to deposit withdraw money from that particular branch giving your passport, okay no two branches do not know each other information so how it is implemented as a distributed system in your case.

Why we call something one of the branches actually yeah we nominated it can also be mentioned as a branch this would be something theory or you always want to memorize and go to exam it is very difficult if you know what is happening then you do not need to memorize you can write the answers with this is not to create the past exam this is how we are how the things are operated in our real situation you see these things in your day-to-day life this is nothing strange really fine banking example how can you explain it answer this video actually if you have bitcoin money from going on if I ask one example if you deposit some money from your account there are machines where you can deposit money as well nowadays almost all the banks having the submission now let’s say you deposit some money from here in Colombo and you go to your village let’s say you go jasmine and you got to enjoy it today.

You say this morning you deposit and this evening you go to deafness and you withdraw money from a bank branch in Japan because you do not want to take the risk of carrying money right therefore for the safety you deposit from Colombo to your account and you withdraw that money from your account from Japan background then how does it happen if you think of that scenario you can identify how the things distributed and how things uh getting done the operational things in the behind choose UI you can always think in terms of ID knowledge can’t imagine it is not possible is it possible impossible fighting me banking systems you have normally servers located in the head office or they can hire servers depending on the bank decisions they go for whatever they can afford right every it infrastructure associates some cost some are not actually thereby it cannot be bored by small organizations.

If you take one example some oracle products are cost around billions of dollars right so let’s think how it uh it can be bad by an organization a small organization so Sri Lanka avatar is also very low compared to other developed countries now we should always think of a solution with the associated cost and their benefits, therefore, we normally we have to maintain distributed systems the database can be in different locations on the same location but in distributed database systems we are focusing only the database part the system can also be distributed the distributed system can also have distributed databases if you take the distributed system, but only one single database still your system can have many components distributed like uh you call ATMs and cash deposit machines and other many more things can be decentralized in banks you have bank branches and bank branches are uh reporting to the main head office and all the things are being validated through the head office.

But therefore every branch knows all the transactions and your account details that is why you can deposit some money from here in Colombo and withdraw money from Jana otherwise java branch does not know the amount of money you in your account right therefore what you have deposited can be withdrawn from any other branch in international banks like HSBC you can deposit from here and with your firm international branches right in around the globe those are typical examples where we see this distributed system now with that what are the importance of maintaining these things in a distributed manner rather than actually giving just short answers in one or two sentences you if you have the idea you can explain that if you know the thing and if you have the idea that is what we want if you do not have the idea you can not actually explain what is required now with the thing I discussed you can get some idea about the importance.

So before that, I would like to get you also fast with what you have written what are your answers so yes actually uh not individually they can actually work as one bank that is important if you if they work the correct term is without affecting the other banks right if one is closed the rest of the banks can operate as they work.

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