How to easily manage the bigger size array through visual programming?

You create the array large enough to hold any number of entries, okay then I expect you to either 90 students sign in class then you can create for that 100th element some others are if you or something we can keep it but I make Buddha 100. Okay sometimes if you have some students are uh in future now then indeed students are their future is exchange some students are uh you are senior therefore we want to keep it there more than several errors okay limit number of elements more than that like we can keep it better if you actually okay you we have some rules, okay only 90 students are in this patch not yellow for the more than 90 like then so okay we can keep it that’s an energy element okay again everything but now any restriction then you can make for the more than one okay that is the way you can create this array more than enough number of entries tell the user to okay enter the predetermined central value.

After they enter the last value okay then in the repetition you can get results okay method would be the return statement okay this is also possible array type return type is that a type at it so it will look at the return type value someone more than one value okay previous we study some function return type is the only one values but here you can get the anywhere play apps use of that player use of the team members the team member 012 and each number each player has name ID game content average point score something there is that they are detailed than I already mentioned there’s a team member as there are other details are their objects as a player now we come with the two dimensional okay before we discuss only one-dimensional array is the one two dimensional arrange the table type two dimensional and the multi-dimensional array follows same guidelines as a one-dimensional array the same guideline mean if degradation is okay synthetic is same.

But it’s the inside the equation little different I already mentioned that’s two kinds of two-dimensional arrays there one is the rectangular type mean it visualizes a table divided into the row and column rectangular type is that each row has the same number of elements the column is there okay so, for example, three rows and five columns then each row has a phi element totally 50 but if the jack o rack array is the reverse much like that is the difference inside they have another array okay array has that inside also they have they know that that is the jackhammer okay data store a breakfast lunch and dinner each row has three values each row and then two dimensions same day you had a two time that attended class morning and afternoon than to keep it there for some because they are 24 hours before they had to work they had almost 24 hours there were three chips yeah three chips details working number of workers details.

Whether every day and they need for that to division Larry one dimensional then okay Sunday Monday Tuesday up to seven days is the three times this is some example you can see to declare format is the type this okay this is the row and this is the column first is the row one now you can see this one case so it’s a column it’s a three three four now this is the most then you can assign two in degree okay already you in the mathematics sources here you can see color is new in seven commas three then yeah you have seven rows and three columns then this time we are going to show the value okay calorie zero one zero go in the first row in scholar 700 so write it in here than second third row second okay this is a true dimension okay length property get a total number of elements is that you can get the total number of limits, okay this is the name dot length okay length for the other one enough get length zero then several rows okay is the region first is the row.

And it’s the length number of row it’s a one it’s a number of number of row and number of columns a two dimension okay length is the number of row is an of index because if you declare the variables is the first okay this is the first indeed this is okay therefore that like then you can get that length and number of column number of rows we can get now this array prank mean is the dimension however okay here you can see this is the decoration is a different this is a pair of two square bracket arrays of array okay first line second like this okay inside it is here is a two element here three again five again four that’s the left, but the rectangle is always like the table and problem is equal, or each row has the same number of elements common circuit test yeah then you can keep it given here like this this is the integral value you that’s the three and here is the example color is keep it for one month previous or seven days one week even months or four weeks with seven day three weeks in this study.

We can keep it there is a multi-division rate dimensional now you can see this is the one one two one one-two there’s a second row second column this way you have to refer the element then you can increase the things for that fourth division at least now is the month okay every then every year every year you can increase every year sometime if you have that want to use the position of the planet oh satellite then it since today is the time okay today is a date and time is the other position is the three dimensional is the x y and the height which position is they are like that you know equation and height is the position like and that is another variable is a fourth dimensional as the time okay sometime you are XY set code name you already know the XY set code is a three dimensional you can increase okay input another dimension at the time particular time particular position yeah you know two hours is certain position then you can make that straight right okay dimension you can imagine.

If you’re four five six okay some are studying in the multimedia students then you can keep that some variable heat that color separation position something like the answer you can imagine your dimension number of the array and then you can okay increase the number of arrays also.

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