Let’s learn about the variable object. Visual Programming

We are going to study for the variable object every thing therefore okay now we use here the three character as the prefix if you use the phone we use a forum and sales students yeah what other classes only need to create then we can use that phone as the free then anyway You used a forum than some names altogether already I mentioned our object name is the one with many letters are there but Mr Bond word you can use for the underscore you cannot use for any other symbol but you can use to underscore then it for him then you can is to identify this is the for OK button BTN submit BGM cancel that’s like you can easily try a different eye because if you use that object anyway are you easy to identify their other people then we use the prefix label LBL how can you are using some display some text then we use for the label that label or cell BL because we use it object therefore we want to identify the name you can do for that a meaningful name easy to identify them and open file dialog okay.

You can open some know if P picture box P I see this line you can make use for the naming convention V or say that practical as I and using that pay then you also follow that one then you can easy to understand you have for easy to understand you a quote and easy to they will happen if you have any problem something than easy to identify we asked the problem and some like that this ax radium the for looking for using the solution Explorer to change their dis file the name okay do not change the file extension okay that’s a c-sharp do not rename the file using the window explorer use the solution explorer so the problem for the internet anyway we can continue until you wait if you more than 10 minutes there is now any presentation is the other and you can’t leave it because the internet is not stable I don’t know is the power also is the problem this company again start the generator sometime it our network is not working therefore is the problem.

Now you can see we can change the tower Boris time for border ok that for border style property control whether you used to user can resize the form and appearance of the form in the board for different border we have in none no border six singles okay then different don’t resize that fixed single like the red border no resizable then you can give this fixed size of the four fixed 3d that was a border no not resizable that say you cannot be precise there’s a fixed size of the for fixed dialogue for dialogue box okay it is happier for dialogue box there but is it different for the dialogue box in and omen phone if you dialog box is they are you had at okay I turned that one after closed then you can in with the other forms that is a dialog box person a log book if you know there if you close this our PowerPoint presentation PowerPoint fine if you have chicken ok did any changes you have to chip change anything then you had to serve or something that is a dialog box like if you serve sir oh no ok.

Go to serve yes or not Oh cancel line then without that you didn’t attend that one you cannot close that that’s the thing here is also fixed dialogues if you open that file box very the PowerPoint then you want to create an open new file like then you can click the open right ok that’s its prey for the dialog box ok sizeable then you can deduce again size resize them before any ok you can size you can use for the mouse and you can resize there’s a sizeable fix tool window size simple window tool windows then appear with the shorter title borrows then you can use them, okay then you can use in the property you can see that but the form for border style you can click them on Born Jake one by one okay I will give to you the stock for you you can check one by one say what are IPS there okay different even appears there and some fix you cannot resize some and you can be side then you can understand it okay.

You can set the background back color forms that are the thing you can use the back color then there is a custom web system you can pick the color palette and set the column okay then usually we keep it for the is color but if you like you can change the color but it is suitable for your windows and takes color takes color then set the font properties using their phone dialog box, okay if you set the phone then it is havoc for the whole object for examining your form has the mini object edit button text box label everything then if you change that things then it is a habit for the whole box okay turn but this Appendix also you can set the font if you click the particular object and sit again is a different size of the font that this happy of okay apply for the particular object but if you want linearly want to change every way is the phone.

What is the object you have then you can use the font size it is HAP okay change the whole object setting the text-to to align properties okay you can set the airline they are nine coiled support positions are dim but here you can see still top left top center top right okay this bottom left bottom center bottom right okay then you can see there’s the saucer in your hand if you use it your computer there’s a left side and right side you have this the left side this is the right side left and right you can okay this is the middle left with a center and middle right top me and water okay then that door so you can say okay this is that now it’s the control box the corner looks at peer at the right okay upper right corner for the title bar, okay the control box has three buttons okay you add the three-button left button is and minimize button ok button hit.

Therefore, at the four middle button is a maximized or each stroke by the window and right button is the choice for the side okay then this is the control box okay this is the control box you can see here minimize this is a mechanism resource there’s a close okay if you open any other application you want to need that leg here minimize maximize or resource in this is the control in a program also you can sit or you at the end result come for the true or false I didn’t be the name is true or false you can set that property if you select the for then there’s a control box maximize minimize buttons on their okay but only you can see here she’s select it’s a property button here properties Thea control maximize the property window okay here okay maximize box any mice box okay you cannot remove further it’s it but in this across button because rows button is default okay.

If you open sample programs on how to close the user doesn’t know how to close but we have we can use for the control altar and go to the taskbar and you can terminate that application that is possible, but everyone didn’t know that therefore it is much need for close button here you can see here maximize minimize button is that true, okay then you can change it.

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