Let’s talk about Programming Languages.

Programming language our programming languages okay so just like a human a computer is having these languages to communicate okay so it’s not just as humans or as the person or the people the community talks or communicate but also the computer it has languages on language this language is a bridge between humans and computer so today I will talk about some of these important parts or important points about programming languages so we have to learn the basic of programming languages its rules and how it works before we can do programming okay so from my screen as you can see there are lots of icons there are lots of uh pictures those are examples of programming languages so we have pascal node PHP we have JS microsoft.net c sharp we have java HTML python ruby, so there are lots of computer programming languages available in the market some are free and some need to be both online to have their serials serial key so that you can use the other services okay so f humans.

Now it should have a common language it should have or can be interpreted it should have proper grammar and it should have meaning because just like what i have said computer program programming languages is so much like the same with human language in computer programming we have this two basic but most important rule of programming language so we call this tu as semantic and syntax sun semantic is about the meaning and syntax about the grammar okay so if you are trying to become a computer programmer you have to understand first the syntax if you have chosen a programming language let’s say for example you have chosen java programming language so what are the syntax that is or that applies to java programming computer monitor an in our own language in a human language like so for example in English in English the basic component of correct grammar is one sentence should have a subject and a predicate that is the basic right.

So a sentence should be composed of a subject and a predicate that is the very basic rule of the language of a sentence in English right so that is the grammar now in computer programming we also have that one we call it as you syntax see on my screen we have there an example of a system that out that print and then you have this parenthesis and then you have this quotation marks and then between those quotation marks is um a send a price saying enter a number with a colon so that command line is an example taken from java or base from java so java programming language will understand that command and the meaning of that command is to send an output or to create an output to display enter a number in your screen so that value in between your quotation mark enters a number with a column that will be displayed in your monitor screen using the command system. out. print so if you have written a system that out without the word print or the keyword print it will not display.

The enter a number you will have a syntax error meaning wrong grammar Malayalam we are telling the machine or the system itself to produce an output from the word out but what kind of output we could say an output like music a sound a print a printed attack in your printer that is also an output right so what kind of uh output you’re going to produce or you want to produce with your command so that completely to the system. it’s the correct grammar or the correct syntax to display to enter a number in your monitor screen, so the meaning of that one is output as you can see in this on the left side under the semantic so the meaning of system that at that print enter a number that command means output to produce an output it’s not in computer programming it’s not enough that you know the syntax actually what is the most important here is the toe you know the syntax and then you know the meaning or the semantic how can you use the syntax without knowing the meaning of that syntax.

So in computer programming this is a misconception about other people a person or other aspiring computer programmer organized computer programming you have to learn the syntax and the semantics it’s not enough that you know or memorize the syntax what is uh the 50 of it is semantic it means you are declaring a variable container name container with a data type integer okay so in mathematics we have these variables we have variable x y o z blots of variables now in computer programming although it’s not really about mathematics but um some of the principles from mathematics are applied in computer programming and one of this is having a variable so in this example the word or the term container is a representation of a variable sometimes you could use a single letter variable like variable a variable b variables c but when you’re working in a company and you’re working with a team it is better to use a specific term or word or alias.

The term container or the variable container will accept numbers but the only whole numbers that will not accept fractions so if we say double it means my fraction or young 300.52 cents so for example in program gold so sales are so pretty cool I’m going to double so instead of end continuing double total sales union variable union container total sales foreign on the other side it says memory allocation means you are trying to create a space within the memory of the computer you are trying to prepare a space for in computer programming that end container is or acts like the one in mathematics it is also a container it is also a variable that holds a value so what kind of value integer that says in the example it is int or n that means whole value number integer, so the word container is a variable that will accept the whole number the meaning of that line and container is a memory location.

So there are lots of memory allocation types, not the example we have this container scanner that next and so it means input right, so the second line declared ionic is a variable container is container equal scanner. Next and meaning are an integer type or whole number so the container equals scanner that next end nil again an attention five union type NASA username number five after that example operation, so the young container is eight times multiplication multi multiply, so the value inside the variable container will be multiplied by two, so that is the meaning of that syntax meaning what kind of operation multiplication annoying multiply yeah young five mice in the lead and it’s a container a variable is Enable so five times two that means nagging when you’re going to create the program the syntax and semantics programming languages and again master classes and programming languages tapes Lump some programming language uh Visual Basic or sha.net is a java angle that is from java.

So end container as integer okay so try and container union variable declaration in java ugly apartment.net um is to allocate memory to create a space value okay so a space in your memory where you could put a value like 5 10 20 300 any uh whole number because it is the end or integer time container as integer meaning Hindi okay is still the same computer programming language java Filipino America Filipino um foreign which we could say a grammar pro young meaning is still the same so and then we have this different two different level of the programming language we have the low and high-level programming language as you can see in the screen these are a comparison of a high-level language and low-level language so for high-level language these are interpreted but in the low-level language, it is direct memory management they have open classes and message styles methods which are known as dynamic constructs.

But on the other hand in low-level language hardware has extremely little abstraction which is actually close to having none and then for the hell of language you have this performance, but the low-level language must be much faster than high level than the codes are concise in high-level language while statements as statements correspond directly to the clock cycles in low level then super performance but hard to write in low-level language flexible syntax and easy to read for a high-level language, so that means when we say super performance but hard to write Madrid a performing computer young low-level language closer to machine language closer to the language of your central processing unit and code Peru it is hard to write the human language in contrast to the high-level language you know flexible syntax and history because high-level programming languages are using the English language there are certain words.

So um and then in the high-level language is object-oriented and functional while on low-level languages few supports and hard to learn so Malaga okay then the hell of the language was large community and then to further understand the difference or the gap between high-level programming language and low-level language so as you can see on the screen for the high-level programming language we have this c c plus plus c sharp java and other programming languages clash simple public um language so AL baba ninja screen is x lane mob sex msg so prank abbreviation or Padang so Hindi a full word in the English language at low-level programming languages and then if you are going if you are writing computer program so we have these two types of ways or two ways and how to execute a program, so this is how the compiler works as a screen you know that it has in Savannah man.

That is how the interpreter works molasses source code or young miss moon Geneva code output converting to a binary like one zero one parameter output unless our interpreter since most uh programming language that uses interpreters belong to the low-level programming language so not all but most of it belongs to the low-level programming language and then low-level pro-level programming language are programming languages that are closer to the machine language, so Hindi converts execute but so for further explanation compiled languages have to go through a compiler before they are executed as you can see the compiler converts a program into machine code so that it can be understood by the computer okay so the benefit of compiled languages are that once uh compiled they tend to run much faster in that interpreted language our languages so compiling only has to be done once so some businessman compiled.

The position compiled file pretty much okay without having to change or to open your source code machine you can as you know we have a different operating system like windows operating system we have this Mac operating system which is under apple so pop mostly compiled programming programs are basing it based on the Hindi language that is converted to machine code are not converted to machine code instead any program or source code written in this language are directly read line by line by an interpreter using an interpreted language allows fostering coding and testing because it can run and give results immediately to aggregate errors, but also good about this language is that it can be used in multiple platforms windows interpreted language is that since it always interprets the code as the code is executed it can make it much slower than using a compiled language python Perl ruby are popular examples of interpreted languages first line second line display union disadvantage yeah okay.

So I hope you have learned something from my discussions today from the discussion about these topics so we have the computer languages and we have the syntax and semantic web have these low and high-level programming languages with examples and then the compilers and interpreters, so those are the common and important points you have to remember when you are going to create a programmer you are an aspiring computer programmer so Hyundai indeed because so for this because it is about basic those are the basic and the most common key points goes you interpreted a compiled language.

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