What are the various types of racks in the Network?

There are various types of racks right, so this is open rack, yeah you know you can see the sides and front all are open right so yeah, so these are um okay it’s not clear there yeah these should be closed tracks no they seem to be open as well okay so you see a lot of uh so if you take for example you know like you know Facebook or you know google uh they have you know server farms like this because server farms because uh they will have a lot of services, uh you know you know the large area like this right so otherwise how do they know have the amount of data, so the whole world is using those servers right, so there are a lot of servers like server farm in uh, for example, Facebook or google right yeah, so this is basically uh yeah the sizes for you 82 and 24u so uh those are server x and I showed you how servers are put into the racks right yeah these uh yeah these are open server as you can see right.

All the sides are open right but it’s uh it’s a bit messy you know I mean you cannot close this and it’s all open right and no security here also if you take this open server rack um anyone can you know remove and take this right because you cannot lock unless you lock the room so the server rack you can lock so then no one will be able to uh remove or turn off or whatever right once you lock the server app so usually in a server room um yeah so like you see uh there are a lot of servers here and you can pull out one of those servers like this when you need right so usually for maintenance purpose right maybe you need to install some kind of card or hard disk or uh maybe to clean up the inside okay and then nowadays um okay earlier actually uh if you take a server rack right you cool the room which has the server x right using ac so actually the ac has to you know to cool the whole room, uh so it’s not very efficient right.

So these racks the servers will put out the hot air from the back right, so usually the server coolie is taken from the front right and then hot eyes put out of the server rack to the back right and then if you have ac in the room then it will cool the whole room right plus this uh server access but now we have uh efficient way right where the ac unit is directly connected to the server x right it’s directly cool in the server acts only right so we can it’s very efficient and you know the power needed uh is only to cool the server racks right not the room, so these are expensive than you know having the normal racks and ac these are specialized racks with the ac unit coming to the server rack unit directly right the cold air will circulate inside these racks right as you can see here so same sort of principle Julia uh will be taken from the front and then hot will be blown to the back right okay.

There are different types of server racks we are you know then there’s a door you can open some you have a single dough and some we have two dough right so these are all directly cool in the racks it’s very efficient and you know you can keep the server acts much cooler this way because if you are cooling the room right it takes time because you have to cool the room also and you need the big capacity of uh air conditioning unit also because the size of the room plus the server rack so this when you have a lot of servers it will be very hot right so you have to have um backup ACS and so on because if the ac goes down then we have a problem right because ac is uh they usually go down right you have to maintain them properly okay do you have any questions in what I said explained just now so these are some examples of server you can see uh yeah there is a space kept in the middle right.

If you are putting you know this server source which is very close by uh the problem will be the cooling right if there is less space between the servers the yeah uh if there is because um yeah cannot go through if they are very close right so then uh the cooling will be less efficient unless we have a good ac, so this is related to networking this wrap right you can see a lot of cables you have this uh fiber cables also right and we have this cat5 copper cables, so this is actually properly organized you can see the cables are very in a clean manner right, so this is how it should be seen even a lot of cables but you know uh this is easy to troubleshoot if there is any issue you can you know trace whatever the cables what is this cable connected to here and so on right see so um this is the proper way of connecting the switches and cables right this you know this is a cable management arm what you see here right the cables are clipped so that they don’t go here and there right.

So some examples of proper cabling right now yeah this is a bit untidy but still uh there is some kind of you know just look at a lot of cables but very tidy right see uh if you know this is not properly right so if you have cables like this then it is very difficult to manage you can’t find which cable goes where and so on it takes time and you know so it’s better to have cabling properly yeah this is another example so you should not have cables like this right this is uh this usually happens when you know you just plug in cables when you need you are not um putting them into a proper order and so this is very difficult to manage okay, so that’s about cable racks, so these are the insides of a normal server you have the Leon processor usually uh in servers this c1 is made for servers right you don’t find this the normal uh your desktop pcs.

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