What will be the conclusion of taking the inputs from the user end in Python?

The conclusion you copy all the formats you can check the hole for nine months, it visible night remember that so Costigan’s what I’m thinking including these values second case two decimal values tone is two string Rama’s fourth case one decimal one is the indigent plans for the number they can a be 50 cases we entered which data here hmm enter data one is a number data our in the spring an item so it is not possible to complain that two different DNA types right here that set up so let me copy this first example I will take the data here so at the end of the session I will show this all the points one of the particles beta and so all of that occurs right that’s it this is makes no never how much here example 1 I hope maybe someone is clear rich ok then we simply and again simply to go for the example so here what the first function we did input function right what a second function here Brian put function.

Then simply can go further Brian hood function break whatever you’re trying to function Brian hood function it will take that a they won’t form and a string form I’m right so here I’m gonna pray therefore once again in the screen for that city get over that enter and customer so he entered some first time aside in the same way we can go for the number two so number two number two simply can go for here is the second number right the second so he is under some second number then simply addition operation ad is equal to and stated what number one plus one number today I’m not in the Edition feel trouble additionally equal to comma all right that’s it, so this is mortifying for function like let me see this one here so we can run this for Python Hospital fighting in Muscular one I entered 100 Randy and the second number 211 but it should a negative takes here will string data string diddly-squat the power comes on concatenation by higher than 200 an inverter to Heidi’s window Mike that’s it okay.

So python two points this base of many rocks yeah awesome he can place also the resistance better because now puzzle burst is running is 13.0 right 3.6 is run so held easily put a face to a snowboard once you put the princess here it is little places quadrant remaining open is same right there’s not a bomb, okay but so yeah remaining output is same like good one second yeah output is the same right that’s it so I adequate number one does number two right okay so here is what fire and why the Sprinter enter 5 alpha square fight here and there is no gram is 10.5 1/4 20.6 right the data is produced format here concatenation rewrite that’s it if you want you can remove this basis here the data is filtered for that format if you want that so if you have a stingray done no problem it is pain to take a string format on right so happened to click use over they are welcome and then I’m lazy in fact all they see the switch operation concatenation operation okay.

So find another one present here input function it will take that alien mode each format here and when its department can string for can write that’s like that so we can make an example to format example to format that’s like that clearing some more on example to later on we can make up so we’ll take the real movie format you will speak for my right then I want to convert the type conversion process simply can prefer to type conversion which one again a promotion like I’m the type conversion here so you can take a previous example this is the previous example I would like to convert right who do you do it all right here he entered string format right I want to cut into a format to converting date format take you center putting rockets here typecast to integer so here the second one also I want to convey to the Parliament things can try dealing with the paralysis various regional for paralysis here is what one man here in there for man right that’s it.

So why would you take the spring data but yet I care – which one manager in digital format p.m. that’s better now control is now run this code here once from this podium it has passed a fine enter first memo I entertain men and the second M 420 it is AA Cream 30 rich because if I attach to the department here in here format or not that’s it and the first paper I am to ten points five and what saying MS SEO evaluate well indeed because if I have kept in the department with the base is so much of ten and ten-point five it is much more errors we have to take garage some expecting which dragon you’re in feature it means base ten expecting but ever passing about ten point five I keep saying value under its signature ever yeah barrier like that’s a time, so again this is a way how to come watch you convert you go so string to which one medium indeed for men right that’s at that commercial process examples me and you can prefer the example.

For example for also simply difficult reduction process conversion process right so the example worries first I take the data here it directly contents just we need a format no problem otherwise provides so here crying out is them please yeah so here the hood is the right add function and so again I take Emily numbering which format here-string format reclined border but here number one I won your comment performance, miss, here also control bracket at cash inflows north on this will is used for medium road format I want but his beliefs I want which apartment here indeed right so I am good function died even to take the data here you can do the light casting directly feel format otherwise after storing the data also you can do some time casting rule number one is you deform that I will convert India flow for men number which one when you’re converting yeah India format right that’s it so if they ran this code here.

So Java Python faster Delphi and professor among the first number in which for many hundred here wrote for metric then you click on the for Paulette no more the second values which Romanian 30 ppm per metric are you pointing right indeed you point zero so in the first number here I under 10 and the second number here is 20, so there is not a problem that he pointed is printed the first number is I am typecast in Boston bootable media float format right then in step it will become 10 points evoke emotion is possibly ok so that it isn’t then over for a second one here time cache should be a vision for my write your parcel a ten-point five ten-point then you get a regressive leg why it is typecast which for Matthew indeed a Warner it means water we must enter integer AWD okay I hope the points are clear right this is called whatever time conversion van later while passing the data.

Mainly we have a focus on one either whatever young value average that’s as if your time casting will either mean you know how to pass a tenant in the stream format if you have passed in ten-point five ten-point five can convert it into the format are not know it will generate data which are yeah Val here to fight that’s a turn the cleaner class, ah okay so I’m that we made by I’m back however this doesn’t work by them to do they like Python I will start the next term may be scale I’d maybe its thing and I have an idea okay so can they suspect my channel to get the frequent updates, and again please write comments three provinces of poverty right so we have taken two-three points one is alike and comment a subscribed watch how many points you have three points of like a firm made some subscribe rate right I will negative of knowledge you won’t take care of what about the city also right that’s again yeah.

How many examples we’re done here three exams for examples rings ah one here it is not pony impose input functional thing which data young hmm which attacked me after that I think they take to invite you got clear so if you enter the string in digit if I take an occasion for me they smell they that is performing string rate at this string format number you can add 10 is the number format and point five sauce number of quality can add but number strings we cannot die right it is not possible to add two different types of data naturally it is positive, or inverter Ryan will take the data mode which already a string format way that’s Ida, but string format I want conversion so here you can go for the converse drying go to the Imperial pod match other is Ryan to the floating comment while doing the conversion you have to take care given error message what is that over here when you have a right now to think about the water we are later right you can say that you.

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